Nuki opener compatibility

I would like to ask if NUKI OPENER can be connected in a 2 bus terminal (L1, L2). Attached a picture with more details

Thank you in advance

Yes it can, - have you looked if your intercom is in the compatibility list of the nuki opener!?

Its not in the list !! Thats why I am asking if its compatible

Hard to say then, because bus systems are working with the opener, but it depends if it can record the opening signal of the intercom and replay it right, and this depends on the signal, with some it works with some not, and also a important thing is, if your intercom has to be activated on use, because when yes the opener would not be able to detect a ring signal, but there are also exceptions, so when its not in the list it will mostly not, but for sure you can only try?!

Thanks a lot for your detailed respond