Nuki opener compatibility with auta neos

Hi! We’re having some difficulties with NUKI Opener integration to the intercom AUTA NEOS (appartantly not compatible) as it gives an opening signal to the intercom board twice, so the door remains always open. There is a first opening sequence, the door is closed and after a few seconds the sequence is repeated again and the door remains open. We checked everything with the electrician and locksmith, firmware was updated but it still fails. The only solution we’ve found so far, would be using a basic door lock without memory…
Notice opener is just connected to main buidling entrance door thru the intercom (not to the apartments) therefore it should operate as a basic electric crossover… I’m attaching a picutre (blue wire is conntected to the intercom and the black one to the intercom electric current.
Is anybody experiencing the same issue? Any idea that could help? Thanks a lot!!!

Hi Xavier. Did you actually manage to make it work? I am also trying to connect an Auta NEOS with the Opener and got it configured as Bus (Generic). It recognises the ring but I cannot get the door to open at all. So if you have a working setup I would really appreciate if you could share more details on your final configuration!