Nuki Opener Comelit Analogue integration - Ring signal not detected

I have a fife wire analogue Comelit system (groudn, ring, open, speaker mic) and integrated my nuki following the directions
provided in this forum. However, all functionality is great but the ring signal is not detected. I previously operated Nello and it worked fine. Any ideas?
(btw. the analogue intercom I am using is a Comelit 2701W - not yet suported)

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The same goes for me. The ringing can not be transmitted to my smart home system Homey.

As an update see my wiring…


Hello, i have exactly the same problem !

All was working with a nello device.

Nuki can open the door but cant detect ring signal.
I have tested with a multimeter, Intercom send 5v when its ringing.

Where can be the problem ?

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I have the same problem.

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I have found out that the system is runing 15V but ring signal is transmitted 5V only. It would be very helpful to find out what quality the ring signal should have to be detected properly…IMG_1908

Georg gave an indication that a trigger of 3V should do as a ring-signal. So this does not seem to be my problem.

I spent this morning trying to make things work and found out that a shortcut between the door opener line (not the ground line) and the ring-signal line is detected as a ring signal. So I installed a relay that does the following: If there is Voltage between Ground and the door-bell line it opens a connection between the door opener line and the yellow NUKI cable.

It is not totally logical but it works.

To realize this project I used the following product:

Hum… I think I have a similar issue: the opener works but does not ring when ring is pressed…

  • If I look at opener log history, the ring press is well detected
  • when I connect the smartphone to the opener the ring sound is finally produced
  • it worked correctly 1 year, and no more work only now

On another side my intercom ring sound low, so I’m wondering if this could be the issue anyway… it’s a putty because it’s only a matter of sensibility setting on Opener software (this setting looking like being different to log a ring in history versus to produce ring sound). Nuki could let configure this setting, or at least align their settings.

Whatever, I would be interested to see a photo of your update: I know quite nothing in electronic, so it would help me to understand the wiring with this module.
Your link no more exist, but I found the following, is it the same ?