Nuki Opener Comelit 2628

Hi, cannot install Nuki Opener on Comelit 2628 intercom. I only have 2 cables on the first 2 ports.

Mostly not without soldering!?

With or without soldering is not a problem for me. I only care about having this Opener working. Any idea?

Ok, then try the opening at first! The metal where the key symbol underneath, should be the contact for the opening button, mostly you will have to unscrew the board to get to the back, because look in the near of this contact for little metal spots, these are connection points to the different circuits, and mostly its one on one side and one on the other side of the contact, where when you short this points you do the same as pushing the opening button. So take a short wire, and hold the ends to this points, and when the opening begins, you have the right two for opening, and there you would then solder the blue and purple opener wires, what would give the opener the opening function, and from there you search then for the call points.

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Excellent thank you. I will try and give it a go. Then I will write again for the other functionalities. Regards

Hi I have the same model.
Have you solved somehow without paying?

I have tried the solution proposed here by Rose Languste and it worked perfectly. I dismounted the Printed Circuit Board of the intercom and soldered the blue and purple cables of the Nuki Opener to the back of the circuit in the positions of the back of the contacts of the manual opening switch of the intercom so that the Nuki Opener can close the contact which is normally closed by pushing the manual open button of the intercom. I soldered one cable on each point on the back of the circuit. You just have to look where is the opening command in your intercom circuit. The following photos are for the Comelit 2428 which is pretty similar.