Nuki Opener - Bticino Swing Video


I’m having a frustrating problem installing the Nuki opener.
First off all the seals on the box where both open already… so I probably received a used device… which I can live with…

According to the compatibility check my Bticino Swing Video is compatible.

However when installing the process asks me to remove the B+ cable. Which isn’t indicated as such.
I figured it was the red cable coming into the E-bus.

So I’ve put the B+ cable into the plug and the red+yellow one in the other port of the plug.
Followed by adding the orange and green ones into the original B+ port on the E-bus.

All to no avail… I can’t get the configuration to start.
(image would go here but I’m a new user, the configuration doesn’t start, stating the intercomsystem doesn’t meat the norm)

(I’ve tried setting up multiple times now)
However the Bticino itself keeps working fine.

Can anyone assist me in what I’m doing wrong? Tech support is sort of slow…

FYI; I tried adding the negative B back to the opener (as in but that also fails + the intercom itself suddenly keeps ringing

Just read here Howto connect the Nuki Opener to unknown intercom systems that I should switch pollarities, which I did and now I “sometimes” can start configuring.
However it then does not detect me pressing the door opener on the intercom…

It’s working now…

We mixed up the actual BUS cables.
The red and black cables were the ones from the doorbell of our specific apartment.

Can I ask how did you remove it from the wall? Ours appears to be solid against it.

Ours was stuck as well because it was half painted with the wall.

I believe the right motion is to push it upward and then pull it towards you.

Be aware though: the “ring to open” option is not acting as expected.
Whenever the “ring to open” activates and someone rings someone elses doorbeel in the same appartment the door also opens. A huge security risk so we disabled the option.

Hi Mathias,
as far as I can see Bticino Swing is not compatible:

I trust you managed to install it but I wonder then why it’s indicated as non compatible…

Thanks and bye!

I have the same intercom and I couldn´t make it work.
I have 2 cables of the intercom.
Could you tell me how was the final configuration of your cables and the nuki ones, please?

PS: in my case, both cables were connectede to BUS, but to different slots: