Nuki Opener - Bticino 344672

Hello, has anyone tried connecting a Nuki Opener to the Bticino Classe 100V16E 344672 intercom?
I tried following this diagram here and it only detects when someone is ringing but it won’t open the front door. I also tried switching the BUS +/- cables but it goes straight to an error screen on the app.
If it doesn’t work at all I might just send it back or I could try the “Other door” function in this guide. In that case, where would I have to put the blue and purple cables? I’m gonna link the photo of the intercom I have.

This is the intercom manual

There is a known problem with bticino devices.

See my bug report for details.

Let’s hope Nuki reacts soon with a new firmware version.

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Update: turns out my Nuki Opener was defective (updated my post). The second one I bought works just fine.

Maybe returning yours is worth a try?

Thanks for letting me know! I think I’ll wait a bit more until it gets further updates. Hoping that the opener will get improvements