Nuki Opener & Bticino 344082

I have changed the location of my Nuki and put it some new batteries.
After that the Nuki App told me I have connect 2 accessories to the opener, a fob and an opener.
So, I`ve resetted the Opener.

But now I can`t reconfigure because my Bticion 344082 is not listed in the app anymore.
This integration worked pretty well, only the ringing indication is not really reliable, more than 1 year.
I used it mainly for open the main door of the house.
Any idea?

I think you are also one of the unlucky, where the opener has updated the firmware after reset, and the new firmware has that issues now, also with other intercoms, - for example, for ritto intercoms the ring recognition sees every ring from the neighbours as the own one, because it doesn’t use the order information anymore with the newer firmware!? Do you know, what version do you had before reset?

I can´t configure because the Nuki App doesn´t show the Bticino 344082 anymore.
But anyway, I thought twice, the ring indication was never stable and the ring indication is already changed in another way for me because I need to have the ring indicator for my smart home.
I’m now using another way to open the main door of the house.

Good bye Nuki Opener and no recommendation for the Opener if someone asks.
The SmartLock and Bridge is great but the Opener. Hmm.

The opener is coll when fully working! I have old intercom, and I wished for years, that it would be changed to a newer model, but never anything, - and now after I bought a new one and trying very long to get the opener to work, and I can enjoy the fully functionality of the opener, a letter is in the info box of the House, that the intercom will changed to a new one shortly, from analogue to digital :triumph:! Yet I can hope, that the new intercom is compatible, otherwise all for nothing, besides the costs what are anyways! Sometimes I could cry!

Yes, that’s exactly how I see it, cool product if it works. I wanted to change mine to white. Bought new white plugged in, lo and behold Nuki App Don’t support Bticino anymore, what a step backwards from Nuki! Also, there is no solution from the support, even if I have a black transfer or save config where it works perfectly. I’m really worried if there’s something wrong with my opener, it’ll all be over.


You need to choose “Generic” as brand and Bticino as profile.