Nuki Opener broke ringing in whole house STR HT2022/3

The picture is without the opener, before installation.
After the installation the whole house installation did not work anymore. All bells of all neighbors did not ring anymore. Not at the house entry and not at the apartment doors. I returned everything back to original state but some fuse or sth got blown ???
What I find curious is the multiple wires in M and G3. G2 is for the door bell triggered when ringing button of apartment door, G3 is for the bell triggered when ringing at the house entry.
Could measure different voltages and at 1 there is like a slow frequency pulsing from positive to negative,like 1hz or sth. but that is all i can say. no further electric knowledge.

What could have happened ? What to look out for to not have this repeated. What about the 3 wires in G3 and 2 in M.