Nuki Opener BPT Agata C

Good morning, in the office we have the intercom BPT AGATA C.
compared to other models already present as compatible, this model communicates via BUS with only two cables.

I tried to follow the generic BUS guide with red and black but I can’t put them in communication, did anyone succeed?

It includes photos of the actual wiring diagram.



Same problem…any update?


I know this topic is old but I’m currently trying to install the Nuki Opener with the exact same intercom. I also discovered once receiving it that I have a bus version and not the analog one. I’m wondering if someone had luck making this work, I’m trying to connect it as a generic bus device but with no luck so far. Is the only option to use the purple and blue wires on the door button ? I’m afraid this would be a bit limiting.

Any help appreciated here :slight_smile:


Hi! Is the question still relevant?