Nuki opener bluetooth error (2wire bus system without polarity)

Hello everybody!
I’ve been trying to install a nuki opener in my intercom but i cannot make it work. It is a 2 wire bus system and it says it has no polarity. This is the intecorm:

I install it as a generic bus (tried different ones) and several times I recieve a bluetooth error.
When I have to press “open” in my intercom, it is all the time loading and then I get the bluetooth error. When I check the connection status everything is alright.

I have the “loading button” all the time.

(Translation: to configurate the opener you must connect via bluetothh or with a nuki bridge.)

(Translation: To manage your Opener, you must be next to the bluetooth signal)
I am less 1 meter away of the bridge and opener…

If someone has a similar intercom or system, or someone know how to fix the bluetooth problem I would be very grateful.
Thank you very much!

I have the exact same issue. Very annoying…

Could you fix anything?
I have this problem since I updated the opener to the last version (1.10.11).

Same problem here. Would be very grateful for a fix or a hint on how to solve it.