Nuki Opener Bluetooth API Specification

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I am a happy user of the Nuki ecosystem. However I am also eager to build custom integrations using the BLE API. So far the BLE specifications are only available for the key turner, but not the opener module. Are there any plans to release further documentation on how to interface with the opener? I have already inferred a lot from the key turner specifications and did some research on additional opener message types and formats. Nevertheless it would be much easier to be provided with the actual specifications.

Having access to the opener BLE API as well as the key turner API will open even more ways the community to build awesome tools and integrations. I love the open approach you guys have taken so far. Please don’t stagger your effort in this regard. What is your take on this?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Most things are identical for the Opener, but yes, there will be a seperate BLE specification for the Opener. I will post it here as soon as it is available.


Hey Stephan,

excellent! Thanks for your feedback. Any chance for a rough ETA?

As you mentioned, I figured most things are identical. But a few bits and pieces are hard to infer.

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+1, I’m also looking into the specs. Just because I really don’t like having 200 bridges in my house. I’m trying to keep everything under a single device :slight_smile:

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Hey Paul,

excellent. Glad to hear this. I think it is also good for the team to know that there is demand for the specification.

Have you by any chance figured out how to trigger Ring to Open via BLE? Currently my plan is to manually use the “Dauermodus” via Geo-Fences with HomeKit. But it would obviously be much nicer to use the built in functionality. Unfortunately I don’t have a bridge at hand to analyze the traffic myself. I can only peek into the app communication.

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No I haven’t yet. My plan is to switch modes via HomeKit (I would add a feature to one of the already existing homebridge plugins; there’s one that works directly with bluetooth).

My planned automations are:

  • Silence the ringer when I go to bed (and undo in the morning)
  • Turn on “ring to open” remotely, so I can let the housekeeper in
  • Turn on “ring to open” when I’m approaching home, so I can just ring my flat and enter the building without looking for the keys (and undo 10-20 mins later)

It is finally available at :slight_smile:

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