Nuki Opener Battery Runtime

Dear Nuki Team,

I’m running a Nuki Smartlock, Bridge and Opener Setup and I’m experiencing a very short battery runtime at the Opener. The setting is done as mentioned here (Elcom i2 Bus (BVM-100) - #35 by Schiemanskie) in the community and I’ve already forwarded all the relevant information to the Nuki Support Case 275194. Maybe one from the Nuki team is reading this and we can discuss the possible problem to enhance the value for others? Would be great!

Dear Richard,

did you ever got some feedback on your case. I’m experiencing the same since a few weeks. It’s a new behaviour with my NUKI Opener. I’m not sure when it started as I frist thought my batteries might not have been fully charged, but now after three attempts I’m sure that the Opener has some kind of malefunction.

Thanks for your feedback on that case.

Best regards,