Nuki opener batteries

I know that Nuki recommends Panasonic enelloop pro batteries for the lock. I use them on the lock with no problem. The only problem is that the have a small number of recharging cycles, just 500 when the normal envelop ones can be charged up to 2100 times.
So, what about the opener, are high drain batteries such as the eneloop pro still recommended or one can use the normal ones.

What is the average usage life using alkaline batteries such as Duracell, etc.

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500 / 6 (e.g. Every 2 month) are 83 years?? I dońt see any Problem…

Expected battery life is about 12 months. But depends on how intensive you use the Opener, whether Sounds are activated or not and - if connected to a bus based intercom - how much traffic there is on the bus.

Rechargeable AAA eneloops have around 750-900mAh and AAA Alkalis have 1200mAh, while AA eneloops are at 2500mAh and AA Alkalis only have 1900mAh. So for the Opener you’re better off with Alkalis in terms of battery life. More environmentally friendly are of course the rechargeable eneloops. You could also power the Opener through its USB port with a permanent power supply or an external power bank.

Thank you for the reply.
In case of using external power supply, does one install batteries or leaves the opener empty. ?
Also, if rechargeable batteries are used can they be charged while inside opener using external power supply.?

You can leave the batteries in as backup, but need to be careful if you run this over several years (Alkaline batteries might physically leak).

No, charging through the micro usb port is not supported as this would be too dangerous (if non rechargeables are inserted this could lead to severe problems …)

What are specifications (voltage and amp) for the output of the external power supply.?
Not all micro-usb chargers have the same output.

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Voltage for USB is always 5V. Amps don’t really mather as everything that usually charges another device will output at least 500mA which is more than enough for the Opener.


Is it possibel to run the opener via the power in house system?
In case the power output of the door bell/opener system is sufficient, I would like to omit batteries and use the system power.

As I know, they don’t implemented this, because in case of rental house with more apartments, you would drain power from the community system, what is forbidden in much cases.

In addition to that many intercom transformers do not provide enough current or it is not stable enough and/or not always available, which requires some buffer technology.

If it‘s your own house you might be able to use a 12/24v to 5v converter and power the Opener through its USB port.

My batteries only last two weeks. And it’s been second time I had to change them so early. How’s that possible? It opens the doors 2-4 times per day. Thanks!