Nuki Opener as a garage door opener

well, I am not sure if this will be possible, as I don’t have sufficient information about the opener interfaces (hard wired, bus, etc.), but my idea is to use it as a garage door opener with my electric garage door: The motor for the gate requires a pulse contact to open or close, and the drive has relay outputs for open/closed status.
As far as I understand the Nuki opener has a relay output (used to trigger the electric door opener on normal doors) and at least one binary input to sense a doorbell button. Correct?
From hardware side it should work to trigger the gate open/close command with a pulse, and to read the door state. Will/Should Nuki provide a function/software in the Opener device to use it as a garage door opener? Feel free to discuss!


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Yes, you can use the Opener to open/close a contact (up to 50V/2A).

But you can not use it to read the input. Even though this might technically be possible, the current software (Firmware, Apps, …) does not support a door state for the Opener.

Thanks. So it’s just a software thing. Curious to know if Nuki will bring a garage version of the opener…,

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So… if you can’t read an input, how nuki will automatically open the lock after pressing button on intercom outside? (If I understood well from curent info - there is such a functionality)

I think there is at least one binary input available from hardware side, but it is not processed in the Software/Firmware yet to accomplish this function.

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Any news here? Would like to use the opener for my garage as well. The input reading is not a big issue to me since the pulse works as a toggle… but how would the actual UI experience for that toggle be?

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The UI is very simple: You have an „Open“ button. Whenever you press the button the relay is engaged and the App shows a short animation. Very similar to pressing the button on a single button remote control.

Thank you, very nice, but honestly 100€ is just a bit too expensive I think…

Hey there,
has anyone made experience with this topic.
Does anyone know if the Bluetooth Signal of Smartphone in a car can be strong enough to reach the opener in the garage, so the Garage can open automatically. Would be a Nice usecase. Since there is no reach to Bridge so no other connection possible except bluetooth

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Which two wires do I use (Blue and Purple)!?

Yes. There is a description of the wiring during the setup phase of the Opener when you choose “other door”.

I’d like to do something similar - when I walk up towards the front door, the door should unlock and open - physically open, so that I can walk into the house without having to use the door handle. There are powered door openers - if I could get the Nuki smart lock to send a signal to the door opener and trigger the motor to open the door, that would be cool.

Tesla Model X and Y cars do it - as you approach the vehicle, it detects your phone and opens the door.

You can attach an Opener to the door opener similar than the connection to a garage door. But you will have to create an automation with an external system (e.g. HomeAssistant) if you want to automatically actuate the Opener together with the Smart Lock (e.g. open door after Smart Lock has unlocked it).

Auto-unlock with the Opener which is cabled & operated in such a way works the same way than with Smart Lock.

Thanks Jürgen. The Nuki Smart Lock Pro 4th generation is Matter compatible, so if I can find a Matter compatible door opening mechanism, then it should be possible for the smart home automation hub to trigger the door opening after the Nuki unlocks the door.

I have searched the internet for a long time and not found any smart door mechanisms yet. It is probably too soon - garage door opening technology is already advanced but standard house doors are behind on the technology curve.