Nuki Opener as a garage door opener

well, I am not sure if this will be possible, as I don’t have sufficient information about the opener interfaces (hard wired, bus, etc.), but my idea is to use it as a garage door opener with my electric garage door: The motor for the gate requires a pulse contact to open or close, and the drive has relay outputs for open/closed status.
As far as I understand the Nuki opener has a relay output (used to trigger the electric door opener on normal doors) and at least one binary input to sense a doorbell button. Correct?
From hardware side it should work to trigger the gate open/close command with a pulse, and to read the door state. Will/Should Nuki provide a function/software in the Opener device to use it as a garage door opener? Feel free to discuss!


Yes, you can use the Opener to open/close a contact (up to 50V/2A).

But you can not use it to read the input. Even though this might technically be possible, the current software (Firmware, Apps, …) does not support a door state for the Opener.

Thanks. So it’s just a software thing. Curious to know if Nuki will bring a garage version of the opener…,

So… if you can’t read an input, how nuki will automatically open the lock after pressing button on intercom outside? (If I understood well from curent info - there is such a functionality)

I think there is at least one binary input available from hardware side, but it is not processed in the Software/Firmware yet to accomplish this function.

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Any news here? Would like to use the opener for my garage as well. The input reading is not a big issue to me since the pulse works as a toggle… but how would the actual UI experience for that toggle be?

The UI is very simple: You have an „Open“ button. Whenever you press the button the relay is engaged and the App shows a short animation. Very similar to pressing the button on a single button remote control.

Thank you, very nice, but honestly 100€ is just a bit too expensive I think…

Hey there,
has anyone made experience with this topic.
Does anyone know if the Bluetooth Signal of Smartphone in a car can be strong enough to reach the opener in the garage, so the Garage can open automatically. Would be a Nice usecase. Since there is no reach to Bridge so no other connection possible except bluetooth

Which two wires do I use (Blue and Purple)!?

Yes. There is a description of the wiring during the setup phase of the Opener when you choose “other door”.