NUKI Opener Apple Watch BLE compatibility

Product name

NUKI Opener


Make the Apple Watch App work with the NUKI Opener via BLE


Just as with NUKI Fobs (which are working with the Opener via Bluetooth) the Apple Watch as a stand-alone-device (No Apple iPhone connected) should be able to communicate with the Opener via BLE.


Since the NUKI Fob covers this specific use-case scenario already, and the Apple iPhone is also already capable of communicating via Bluetooth to the NUKI Opener it would only make sense. There is no reason to exclude the Apple Watch from this feature. Otherwise, the overall feature-set would not make much sense. An Apple Watch is pretty much just a fancier and evolved remote (NUKI Fob). This would add to an already requested feature, which is about the Apple Watch connected to WiFi/Cellular communicating to the NUKI Opener via the web-API. But since there are still some limitations in WatchOS the BLE functionality would at least help a few users with my specific use-case.


Not very many usage scenarios. But in my specific apartment (ground floor), the connection strength is sufficient enough to address the NUKI Opener via BLE, and therefore it would be possible to open my house door only with my Apple Watch with me.