Nuki Opener and Smoobu integration


I have few questions.

  1. continuous mode for check-in
    I am not sure how the feature continues mode for check-in works. I would like to have continuous mode activated during the whole staying of the guest. If I look at the description there I have the possibility to set for how many ours from check-in time it would be active. If I set it to ‘off’ will it be active until the check-out time or?

2nd questions is, if I change manually a check-in time of the NUKI to be 2 hours earlier, will this also reflect NUKI opener (continuous mode)?

  1. If I have same day booking, the PIN for keyboard is generated automatically as requested per Smoobu, but Smoobu fails to catch PIN immediately after. It worked as I was told perfectly few weeks ago. Can it be done in this respect something?



Currently this is only possible manually.

The integration will always sync with the original booking data, so be aware that manual changes could be overwritten again! There all check-in/check-out data should be handled in the leading tool (in that case Smoobu)

Did you already contact our customer support on that? We will most likely need more information from you to be able to check what went wrong in that case.

Hi Stephan,

I have contacted them already. They say that they are aware of the problem. It worked perfectly few weeks ago, now there are problems. I do not know how they plan to fix it. I can make a booking and send you my username and timestamps in order that you can check it on your side.