Nuki Opener and Siedle HT 611-01

Hello dear forum,

this is my first post here and I have seen that help can be found here quickly in matters relating to the door intercom system and connection, unfortunately I am a beginner in this regard. I have not yet received an answer from Nuki support.

I have a Siedle HT 611-01 system in my apartment and would like to connect the Nuki Opener, which I did according to the app instructions and cabling table. Just nothing happens. The door at the main entrance neither opens nor does the opener respond to the bell.

However, all buttons on the Siedle continue to work, i.e. I can open them as before and the bells on the Siedle also go off (both at the main entrance and in front of the apartment door, there is another doorbell there.

Only the opener doesn’t do anything. I suspect something is wrong with my wiring.

I have both red bell wires in the plug lock, but I also tested it with only one bell wire from the main door. No reaction at the opener.

Thank you for your help!

Have you got it to work?


I have the same Siedle and the same problem.

Did you receive a solution from Nuki or others?


Why did you Connect Yellow to the two Red cable? If the two Red had been before in 7 it’s ok

Nuki Yellow is the Ring Signal, this need connect to the cable which have been in 7. The Nuki Green cable needs to be in 7 to close the loop. Yellow red the Signal Green deliver the signal.

The only part I miss in your picture is the bridge between “c” and “6.1” where you have two green cable.