Nuki opener and Laskomex 2 wire

Hi , í have a Nuki opener and Laskomex CD 2502 2 wire digital system . LASKOMEX IS NOT SUPORTED BY NUKI . Its a possible sparring Nuki with this system ? Thanks For every answer

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I would also appreciate the implementation of laskomex intercom. Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia , Czech Republic are big markets where Laskomex is very popular.

If any developer reads this report, I will be happy to help him with implementation and testing.
But since there are already more projects on github from which to crack this system, it shouldn’t be a problem.
For example.


Hi! Do you have NUKI himself in your hands?

yes, sure.

I understand how to make connection points in the Laskomex handset on the diagram, but I don’t have the Nuki itself yet, and tell me a little about the input and output contacts in the Nuki.