Nuki Opener and FARFISA EX3160

Hi everyone.

I am trying to connect nuki Opener to Farfisa Exhito 3160 video intercom.
Has anyone installed Opener to one if these farfisa’s intercoms?

I have not been able to make it work. I need help.

Thanks in advance.

  • Miguel

I have been able to “catch the ring” but it is impossible to open the door as the ring is caught.

Setup has been performed as follows:

  1. Generic - Analogue
  2. Clamp yellow-DB input cable
  3. Purple+Black to GND port
  4. Green cable to DB port
  5. Blue cable to 12V port (+)

Any ideas to try?
Unable to open door.

  • Miguel

Hello, did you succeed ? I’m trying to connect a farfisa EX3100, which is like yours but didn’t succeed…