Nuki opener and czechphone

Hi, I’m not able to connect Nuki Opener and Analog Czechphone device. If the earphone is hang up you can ring from the intercom. Once you pick up the phone you can open the doors with a button. So I can’t open the doors without answering the call.
The phone rings with the speaker and Nuki doesn’t recognize the ring.
I appreciate help a lot.

Sent you a PM

All right so the result is:
It is possible to connect it as a generic analog system. You have to keep the earphone released. The repro potentiometer must be at least at 80%.
LOCK blue
“-” Purple
SP yellow
“-” black

the doorbell suppression doesn’t work

Once the doorbell is detected the system starts beeping. The first door opening just switches the phone from beeping to ringing. Then you have to manage to request the door opening again. You can do that with IFTTT or Tasker etc. That opens the door so you can use continuous mode without problems.

do you have a photo of your installation?
Could you be more specific about the IFTTT part?
Thank you

You send a photo of the Nuki opener connected?
Thank you.