Nuki Opener Alexa Alerts

Just thought I’d post so other users were aware - I’ve been looking for a solution to connect Nuki Opener and Alexa, so that when my intercom is rung, Alexa announces the press / chimes (in the same way Alexa devices do for their Ring doorbells). Unfortunately my intercom buzzer / the Nuki chime are both not loud enough for my home.

I stumbled across this service today, which allows me to do exactly that in conjunction with IFTTT:

You can test it out for free, but to use it regularly it is a paid service at £20/year. Unfortunately, IFTTT is now also a paid service - so the solution isn’t exactly the cheapest option, and it’s still dependent on IFTTT’s (relatively minor) action delay. Still hoping for a local solution between Nuki & Alexa or other platforms (SmartThings / HomeAssistant), but for now I’m delighted to have a solution, even if it costs a little bit more.

Hello Neil,
There is a verified “local solution between Nuki (Nuki Bridge) & Alexa (Amazon Echo)” using Athom Homey as hub. Homey can run the integrations with Amazon Echo devices (https :// and Nuki devices (https :// A simple flow allows “Alexa announces the press /chimes” when your “intercom is rung”.

Thanks for letting me know! It’s a little too much for my budget just now, at about 300 EUR for the hub, but I’ll bear it in mind for the future.

I have build it for me with nodeRED and also with a lokal php Script and IFTTT.
Here is the nodeRED solution. Only German:


Thank you for this, I will have a read!

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Hey at all.
I’m looking exactly for the same solution. I want Alexa to give me a notification when the opener received a signal from the doorbell.
Will there be in the future a integration to Alexa as a doorbell, this will solve the problem on the easiest way. All other workouronds are nice as well. But in German not the yellow from the egg. (Das gelbe vom Ei) :joy:
Nice weekend

I have done it in my ioBroker. Now Alexa announces a ringing doorbell.