Nuki Opener - After a while "ring to open" does not work anymore

Hi all,
I get my Nuki Opener installed to a Ritto 17230 system. When I configure the opener, the door opens after pressing the button in the app and also after ringing my doorbell.

But after some time (some hours) the ring-to-open feature stops working. When I configure everything again, it works again; but after a while ringing the doorbell is not recognized anymore.

Opening the door from the app always works. There seems to be a problem with the doorbell!?Any ideas?

i have the same problem. I kind of gave up on this. I am looking now for alternatives and calling the Nuki opener a loss :frowning:

Hey Emanuel,
Surprisingly it suddenly works for both of my doors. I am afraid that might change again… but it wlrks now reliably for more than a month.

Dont ask me what I did…

Did you find an alternative, that also has Ring to Open? There is something from Ring now… but that apparently just works with an app. Ring to open was the feature I was looking for.