Nuki open/close placed on android pull down menu?

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Open/close nuki icoon on android pull down menu?


I can open the door by pulling down the android menu over all apps like nest hello apps and this way open or lock the door.


I have a nest hello. When somebody is at the door and i’m not home i can answer him. When i want to open the door for this person i need to go out of the nest hello app and start the nuki app to open the door for him. Then i must go out of the nuki app and back to the nest hello app to see if all went well or if he want to say something.
The same problem is for people with a ring doorbell.


Somebody ring the doorbell when i’m not home and i open the nest hello app. I say the can come in and i slide the android pull down menu that lays over the nest hello app. There i see a icoon for opening and closing the smartlock and when pushing it opens the smartlock. I pull up the android pull down menu and continue the conversation when needed or see that everything is going well.