Nuki on Apple Watch not working anymore

I have installed Nuki on both my iPhone and Apple Watch, which where working just fine. I had to re-install my iPhone though after repair and now Nuki is only working on IPhone and not on my Apple Watch anymore. It says: add your first Smart Lock on your phone (but I have done that already). How can I solve this? Thank you!

Try to reboot the watch.
If this does not help, remove the watch app, reboot the watch and add it again.

It works!!! Stupid I didn’t think of that… thank you!

Just signed up here, because a while ago I had the same problem, found this thread an did as mentioned.

But it turns out it’s a short-term solution. The bug reappears after a while.

Could you please…like…really dig into this? One never knows when exactly the Apple Watch won’t open the lock anymore…so…going out with just the watch is kind of a gamble. And having my iPhone with me “just in case” beats the purpose of a “watch-only” functionality, doesn’t it?

For whatever reason, after a while of use, the Apple Watch won’t open the lock anymore…no error, no notification…it just doesn’t do anything when tapping the open/unlock button. It just…seems busy for a moment and then…nothing.

Have you tried force quitting the Nuki Watch App?

If force quitting does help, please contact the customer support. They will ask for logs etc.
If force quitting does not help, the problem is within iOS and not the Nuki app.

same problem seems to be appearing again: Opener does not work properly with Apple Watch - #9 by edgeball