Nuki not able to add to Homekit or manage Homekit


I have recently received a Nuki 3.0 which a family member was not using anymore and added it to my home. In my Home I already had a Bride and Nuki 2.0
Factory resetted the Nuki 3.0 and added it to my existing Bridge. Front door is now Nuki-enabled, hooray!

It is connected (together with the Nuki 2.0) to my bridge and works in the Nuki app. However I am not able to add it to Homekit (essential feature for me).

The Homekit swith is “on”/yellow in the Nuki app but I can’t turn it off. It says “To Administrer your smart lock you have to be connected via bluetooth or Wi-fi.”

I also can’t add it to my exiting Homekit Home in iOS, it fails with “Failed to add accessory.”

Please contact customer support through the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support).

In this process error reports can be automatically added if needed.

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