Nuki New Hardware version

Nuki 2.0

Why if the door sensor is enabled I cant activate autclos door for 10 minutes. Is always autolook if the door is closed. If i close the door and bring out the garbage or look for post than I wish that the ddor is not autolook for this 2 minutes.

Other point with the new version the battery must be always changed and empty with old version of nuki the battery holds 5 time longer

Hi Helmut!

We already received feedback for an Auto Lock to ignore the door sensor. This is a thing we are looking into.

Regarding batteries: If you are experiencing problems with battery warnings, please contact our support via phone or at for direct help and check if something is causing this issues.

EDIT: I moved this from a feature request to the question section. I hope this is o.k. for you. If you want to contribute the the door sensor discussion you can also add a comment to the existing, similar feature request: