Nuki MQTT not reconnecting until manually reconfigured

I am on the latest firmware. Whenever (or almost) for some reason network will be reset or e.g. I will reboot Home Assistant host (where Mosquitto resides) Nuki will disconnect and either not reconnect at all or reconnect after hours while any other devices do not have any issue to reconnect

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Same here…

Just answered to another similar post with more details… pls check here MQTT Automatic reconnect, force publishing - #33 by spanzetta


I‘m running a similar setup:
Nuki 3.0 pro, honeassistant, MQTT.
All running the latest software.
It takes some minutes until the Nuki reconnects to MQTT, especially if the lock is not operated.
But I think this is a normal behavior, as the lock limits communication in order to save battery…

Are you saying that it automatically reconnects after a while?
That’s not my case… if I don’t force reconnect (by putting again the password in MQTT configuration) it never reconnects

Same here, I have to reconnect trough the Nuki app in the Mqtt section.