Nuki Lock & Ring Alarm Door Sensor

Hi all,

I’m a software developer (but never tried any smart home integration work before) and have a Nuki smart lock with a Ring Alarm system (which includes a door open/closed sensor).

It’s much smaller than the Nuki sensor, and ideally I don’t want two sensors attached to my door either.

Does anyone know if it is (or thinks it might be possible) to integrate both systems so I can use my existing ring alarm door opening sensor with my Nuki smart lock, rather that buying another Nuki-branded door sensor?



Hi !!

I don’t know if there’s other possible solution, but I have all my devices integrated into my Hubitat Elevation hub.

I just checked the Hubitat’s compatibility list and it’s possible to connect the Ring contact sensor into it.

If your Nuki lock isn’t the Pro version, it’s also possible to integrate into the Hubitat hub using an integration and drivers that I developed myself and it’s available to use using Hubitat Package Manager (HPM).

As a developer (like myself), you’ll probably love the Hubitat Elevation hub.

Hope this helps.