Nuki Lock API-Rest Keypad Code Generation Issue

Hallo Nuki Developer,

I have encountered an issue while using the Nuki Lock API to generate keypad codes. Below, I have provided details of the code and the problem I am facing.
Code Explanation:
I have created a PHP function to generate keypad codes for Nuki smart locks using the Nuki API-Rest. The code consists of two main parts:

  1. generateNukiKeyPad function: This function is responsible for making a request to the Nuki API to create a keypad code. It includes necessary data such as the lock ID, pin code, and time constraints.
  2. Code Generation: Before calling the generateNukiKeyPad function, I generate a random pin code that meets certain criteria (e.g., does not start with ‘12’ or contain ‘0’). The generated pin code is then used in the API request.
function generateNukiKeyPad(array $api_data): array|string|bool
    try {
        // Nuki API endpoint to generate a keypad code
        $nukiKeypadCodeUrl = "{$api_data['smartLockId']}/auth";
        // Set your Nuki API access token
        $accessToken = nukiToken();
        // Create an array with the data to send in the request
        $data = [
            'name' => $api_data['name'], // Replace with a name for your code
            'type' => 13, // Fixed value for keypad code
            'code' => $api_data['pinCode'],
            'allowedFromDate' => $api_data['startDateTime'],
            'allowedUntilDate' => $api_data['endDateTime'],
            'remoteAllowed' => true, // Allow remote access
            'smartActionsEnabled' => true, // Enable smart actions (optional)
        // Convert the data to JSON format
        $jsonData = json_encode($data);
    // generate pinCode
        $pinCode = rand(111111, 999999);
        // check if the pinCode starts with 12 or contains 0
        while (substr($pinCode, 0, 2) == 12 || str_contains($pinCode, '0')) {
            $pinCode = rand(111111, 999999);
        // make all the data into an array
        $keyPadData = [
            'name' => $data['customer']->first_name . " " . $data['customer']->last_name,
            'smartLockId' => $data['smartLockId'],
            'pinCode' => $pinCode,
            'startDateTime' => $start_at->format('Y-m-d\TH:i:s'),
            'endDateTime' => $end_at->format('Y-m-d\TH:i:s')
        $result = generateNukiKeyPad($keyPadData);


After sending the generated PIN code to the Nuki API, I received an empty response. While I can see the generated PIN code on the Nuki website, the code does not seem to open the door when entered on the keypad lock itself. To open the door, I need to use the Nuki app or website.

Desired Outcome:
I would like the keypad code to work directly on the lock keypad, allowing me to open the door by entering the code on the lock itself. Currently,

Additional Information:

  • I have checked the pin code generation logic, and it meets the specified criteria.
  • The API access token is correctly set using the nukiToken function.
  • I have verified that the lock ID and other data being sent to the API are accurate.

Thank you for your support.

Any updates on this issue ?

How does the auth enty look like when you make a get request to /smartlock/{smartlock_id}/auth/{auth_id}? Most importantly, is the code saved?