Nuki Lock 4.0 + Bridge slow status report

For context, this is my setup (simplified):

  • A Lock 4.0 that recently replaced a 3.0
  • A Bridge
  • A Hubitat Elevation (HE) hub
  • A driver/app that integrates the Bridge/Lock into Hubitat using local API (I wrote it myself)

Since I’ve replaced the Lock 3.0 for a 4.0, I noticed that the automations running on Hubitat hub are quite slow at reacting to the Lock’s events.

Example: whenever I open the door, my automation turns on the light on the entrance hall but, since the Lock replacement, it’s taking forever to the light to turn on. With the Lock 3.0 the light used to turn on immediately. This slowness is bugging me, since it has become almost useless to turn the light on - when it’s finally turned on, I’m no longer at the entrance hall …

Both the Bridge and the Lock are using the latest firmware versions, my app/driver is the same, no change of the bridge was made - so, the only new component is the Lock 4.0.

Does anyone is experiencing the similar issues, I mean, any perceptible slowness since moved to Lock 4.0?



So what your are saying is essentially that the callback mechanism of the bridge HTTP-API is slower with SL4 than it was with SL3. Is that correct?

Which event are you using to turn on the light?

My automations is: Whenever the lock reports that the door status changes to “open”, it turns the lights on and starts a one minute timer, then turns the light off.

I can see that it takes some time to the Bridge’s to blink after the door is opened. When it happens, my system reacts immediately. This makes me believe tha the Lock 4.0 is taking longer to report the bridge, compared to the Lock 3.0.

I’ve been experiencing a lot - I mean, a really lot - of problems with the door sensor. It seems to be stable now, but since I have a metal (armored) door, it’s a delicate issue to get it working ok.