Nuki Lock 3.0 door sensor not compatible with armoured doors

Unhappy customer here …

I Bought the 3.0 to replace the 2.0 at my home and install the 2.0 at a rental home that I own.

I just discovered, after wasting a lot of time trying to setup the sensor, that it’s not compatible with metal door frames, like my Dierre armoured door. My Lock 2.0 with the old sensor and is working fine and this was completely unexpected.

Nuki should made clear that the Door Sensor for the Smart Lock 3.0 is not compatible with metal frame doors. This limitation is only described when we search for problems, as in my case, after many, many tries to setup it - this information should be available right at the sensor’s description page.

How I’ll ask Nuki to replace the Door Sensor since it’s glue is not working any more …


The door sensor has been tested with metal doors and is not generally not compatible with them. As this is not a developer topic and we are here in a developer forum, please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) for more detailed information.

I have the same problem. I wrote to support: “I have a metal door with a metal door frame. I found out that the NUKI 3 pro in this case does not work with the door sensor. Is there a way around the problem, for example by placing a wooden block under the sensor and the magnet?” I received the an offer to test myself !!! Hmmm…

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I’m suspecting that the problem is with my lock 3.0 Bluetooth radio.

Even when I’m standing half a meter from the lock it shows a yellow (good) connection status to my phone and to the bridge itself, also at half meter from the lock - note: half a meter in a straight line and no obstacles. I opened a support ticked over it.

Check my connection “map”:

I had to move the door sensor to be very close to the lock and it’s working fine now:

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Looks like your Smart Lock is defective. Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support).

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