Nuki & Klevio integration (DUAL LOCKS): Constant timeouts and sheer frustration

Good morning

I have been using a Nuki lock in London-based property, integrated with Klevio for 2 years now (image enclosed). I have a door fitted with a deadbolt operated by Nuki, and an electric nigh-latch (deadlock) operated by Klevio. Klevio issued me with a digital key which operates both, the deadbolt (via Nuki) and the electric night-latch (via Klevio) in tandem, in that order and one after the other. So, if the deadbolt is locked and one clicks on this digital key to unlock the door, Klevio tells Nuki to unlock the deadbolt and about 2 seconds after it holds the night latch back for about 4 seconds so one can open the door. If the deadbolt is already unlocked, it only holds back the latch. Conversely, the same digital tandem key is capable of locking the deadbolt in which case, of course, the night latch is left as it is (with no instruction being sent to it).

The above-described locking set up worked well for a few months back in early 2021, however not for the last year and a half. We get tons of ‘time-outs’ (with in-app notifications) in which Klevio never manages to unlock the Nuki deadbolt, having to then open all locks with the physical key; the whole experience is a real pain and straightforwardly the antithesis to what one would call ‘smart’. So most of the time we just leave the Nuki deadbolt unlock through the day, operating only the Klevio night-latch with another digital key which actually works faultlessly.

Klevio engineers have checked and cannot see any obvious issue in their servers. However they suggested there may be a bluetooth interference where Klevio may be trying to communicate with the Nuki unit at the same time Nuki is trying to do it. Obviously if there is an ITTT protocol in place, this should work well and one should not have such a poor and frustrating experience.

With all that said, would an engineer at Nuki be available and able to liaise with me and hopefully with a Klevio engineer (they would like to visit the property and do a full assessment of the problem) to get to the bottom of this issue? As a result, it may lead us to stay with the current brands without ditching the whole ‘solution’ once and for all, and also to unforeseen product improvements for both companies, Nuki and Klevio.

Many thanks, Jav.

As far as i understand you are not using the Nuki App nor any other Nuki BLE accessory (e.g. a Nuki Fob) and you have a Smart Lock 2 with external door sensor. Thus nobody is talking to the Smart Lock via BLE except Klevio itself.

A few things you might want to check:

  • Download the Nuki App, pair it with the Smart Lock and update the firmware to the latest one
  • Recalibrate the Smart Lock and the door sensor
  • If you do not need it, turn off HomeKit
  • If you do use the Nuki App in parallel with the Klevio integration, make sure that Auto-Unlock is turned off

Good morning

Thanks for your response, Jürgen.

We do have a Nuki Bridge installed which permits us to unlock the deadbolt remotely (or locally if one is not porting the physical key) if needs be, and a Nuki door sensor which you probably can see on the image enclosed to my original post.

All family members have the Nuki app installed on their mobile devices, through which the Nuki lock is controlled, monitor and updated, although the latter seems to be happening automatically an remotely as a result of a feature request implementation a short while ago, which was a godsend.

Auto-unlock is always off. Nuki lock is always on latest firmware, currently 2.14.5. Calibration dos take place whenever the lock needs it or there are persistent Nuki door sensor issues.

After almost 2 years of sheer headache and disappointment with this smart lock set up, this is my last effort prior to ditching the solution Nuki-Klevio for good, so in the circumstances it is only appropriate that both companies are hopefully and kindly engaged with regards to the products and services I bought from them. Klevio so far is invested in isolating and fixing this issue, so I am here asking Nuki for their support as well so joint testings can be carried out during Klevio engineer’s visit. Therefore, my reason to come to this forum (or anywhere else if you kindly point me to the right place) is to ask if a Nuki engineer would be available to liaise remotely with me (I am also an electrical engineer) and a Klevio engineer who will be visiting my property, to get to the bottom of this issue. A few bits needs to be coordinated for this to take place, hence my asking.

I would be most grateful for your support on this.

Thank you, Jav.