Nuki Keycode correct, but access time not - no protocol logging


if someone types an code into the Keypad, that doesn´t exist at all, this access is correctly logged with “Ungültiger Zugangscode”. But if someone types an code into the Keypad, that exist, but the allowed time to use the code is not the current time, this code doesn`t work (good), but this access failure is NOT (!!!) logged. Please enhance the logging with the name of the code owner and a text like “ungültige Zugangszeit”.


Please file a proper feature request using this form Thank you!

P.S.: There is already a similar request for deactivated users - Log entry if a deactivated keypad user try to get in

Thanks. I´m new to this forum. Didn`t know this. Just added a reply to the other feature request:

I would like to add one detail more to that: Whenever a (valid) code is used at the keypad, but this code at this time is not allowed (whether deactivated or not yet active or active in the past - it doesn´t matter why this valid code doesn`t work), this should be logged.

Is this the correct way instead of opening another feature request?

Yeah, that’s fine. Thank you