Nuki key fob problem

Bought a Nuki smart lock, bridge and key fob. When i tryed to install the key fob v2 the battery was empty. I installed a new battery and the LED was flashing. I tryed te connect the kay fob with the nuki app and it said that it found the key fob, but after a few seconds it is saying it couldn’t connect to the key fob. The led on the key fob keeps flashing.

Is it broken? Maybe it is the reason that it arrived with a empty battery. It is trying to cennect to a smart lock.

I received one fob with dead battery as well. I replaced with new and everything worked. Try to reset it , maybe this will help.

How do i reset the key fob?

You can only reset the fob after you have been able to connect it from your Nuki App.


If you are not even able to manage the fob please best contact our customer suppor via phone or for direct help to check if the fob can be reset or needs to be replaced.

This forum is focused on developer related issues.

Got a new key fob. This one connected without a problem.

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Does that fob still work? Mine stop working after a week or so. Have to restart the lock (remove batteries then insert again) to get the fob to work again.