Nuki is no longer opened via the Apple Watch

Hello together!

I have had the Nuki Lock for a long time. The last changes to new generations of iPhone and Apple Watch were without problems - I could always open the lock via the Apple Watch. Now I have updated to the Apple Watch 7 and the new iPhone 13 and it no longer works as desired:

I can still open the lock via the app as before.

Via the complication on the Apple Watch I get the status displayed, but I can not unlock. After a click nothing happens! Now it gets weird: I can open via the Apple Watch IF the Nuki app is open on the iPhone at the same time.

What I have already done:

Re-set up Nuki lock.

Removed app from both the Watch and iPhone, then rebooted as recommended a few times here. Unfortunately, nothing helps.

Do you have any other ideas?

Thank you very much and best regards!

Is in your iOS settings > Nuki back ground refresh (“Hintergrundaktualisierung”) enabled for the Nuki App?
Does the Nuki App have Location access to always (“Standort > immer”)?

Both: Yes.

I have the same problem. Since Apple Watch 7 installed no Nuki Action via Watch possible…