Nuki integration with (maybe) ATEA NOV903

Hi! I have trouble installing Nuki Opener on my intercom. The first problem was identifying my model of intercom. The external housing says ATEA and from web searches I believe it’s NOV903.

I followed the steps for this model in the app but when I plug in the cable in the Opener the intercom speaker starts emitting a low buzzing sound. Opening with the Opener button works but I didn’t test anything else because the sound is a bit annoying.

Does anyone else have this sort of intercom and successfully installed Nuki? Did the wiring look the same? I will post the images of the wiring below maybe I am missing something.

I found some schematics online for the intercom, I figured out it actually has 2 bells and in my case the bell wire is connected to port 6 instead of 5.
I followed the instructions from the app, using connection 6 instead of 5, but whenever I plug in the Opener my intercom speaker starts emitting static. There might be some current issue somewhere.

Do you have any recommendation on what I can check in this case?


The solution to this was simple using a multimeter: the phase and ground wires were switched for pins 7 and 8, once I understood this everything works. :slight_smile: