Nuki Http Comand

Nuki smart lock 2.0 I want to open and close the door by sending http command to the device.
can you help me ?



Thank you for your interest.
I was able to open a http command, I have a question; when nuki unlocked or received any commands, can http send a command? This http command needs to send my smart controller, my device has http command. Can we do this?


I am not 100% sure if I understand you correcty, but it seems you are looking for our callbacks?

If not, please get back with more details on how your usecase can not be covered with those.


Sorry, Nuki doesn’t send https,

Can I add my device to my smart home control unit with zigbee? Beta 2.4.4 update currently installed, does Zigbee support? How can I add it if supported?