Nuki Fob with Apples Find My Support

Product name

Nuki Fob


The next-generation Fob should be able to integrate into Apple’s Find my Network.


Apple allows 3rd party manufacturers to create their own “Find My” products, which can take full advantage of their network.
This makes it possible to quickly see where which product is currently located.


The Fob is an important device that should not be lost, as it allows easy access to the personal home.
Tracking via Apple’s very strong Find My network can help to quickly identify and find lost Fobs.
In addition, if you lose a “Find My” item, you can be notified of it.


The Fob is registered once as a device in Apple’s “Find My” app.
You can then set where and whether you want to receive warnings in case you forget your Fob.


  1. Always see immediately where the Fob is via the “Find My” app.
  2. Let the device play a sound via the “Find My” app, to find it in your local area.
  3. Receive reminders if you have forgotten the device somewhere.

great idea! :open_mouth: