Nuki Fob very slow response

Dear All,

I am new in this forum and i have the following question. 2 weeks ago i bought 2 nuki fobs to connect with my Nuki 1.0. But i am very dissapointed in the response time and distanse of activation. Even when i am next to my door with the fob close to the other side of the door the key really responses bad. Or with a huge delay… I even replaced the batteries of the nuki itself thinking maybe these aren’t full that will maybe have effect on the bluetooth range… Do you guys faced the same thing??

I will add a video later so you can see the problem…

Hereby a video…Can anybody explain behaviour? Is it normal that even a distance of 30 cm is to much for the lock and that the response is also really slow?

Nobody??? Nuki Team??

Please contact our support via or for more detailed information.

This forum is focused on developer related issues.

I have this same issue, and it doesn’t really seem like a support request issue. I just received my first Fob, and while I love the other parts of Nuki I have so far, this Fob is a disappointment. I expected I can press the fob while walking towards my door, and have it open by the time I arrive. However, it doesn’t, and even takes seconds to open while standing in front of it. Using an actual key is faster!

It is a support issue, because it’s not normal that it takes that long and/or that the reach is so short.

A few things you can try/test before you contact support:

  • Change Power Saving Mode in the Smart Locks Administration from automatic to fast
  • Try to hold the fob further back. This ensures that the antenna, which is on the opposite side of the button, is not covered.
  • If your Fob is paired to several devices, remove all other pairings and just leave the one you want to test in it. Reason: The Fob scans for the strongest device when there are several paired. When there is only one, it directly tries to connect to it without scanning.

I contacted the support team and followed all their tips and trics and still it didnt help anything. I have even bought new powerfull batteries and still the response is just slowmotion…Even with a direct connection trough bluetooth…I have a new second and same things happen like you see in my video…So it only opens in a range of 5 cm from the lock and still not direct but with a delay…Very dissapointing…

Ok I will test it with “Fast”. Still it’s useful to have a support forum, so people can see which issues are around and what solutions are available. Also lowers pressure on support staff.

Did you test fast? For me there was no change…

I’m having the same problem since last week. I bought one fob to attache it to my car key and since then the nuki is very very slow to connect even from the computer