Nuki fob v2.0 with nuki smart lock 2.0

Although fob settings in smart lock management settings is set to default, 1x click intelligent, in reality pressing only once the button always opens the door.
Any ideas?

Very strange. I just tested it with my SL 2.0 and Fob 2.0 with these settings

and had no issues.

Did you check the activity log? Are 2 unlock actions via Fob shown there like that?

If the problem persists please send screenshots and a description of your problem to our customer support at so it can be analyzed further.

In my case, activity log showed that Fob opened door, as it was expected since this is what really happened. I had a faulty plate and one worn screw, and after resetting the sl, I couldn’t configure it, kept failing. Now I am waiting for a plate a and set of scews replacement.