Nuki FOB V1 unlock\open

Hi there,
Is there any possibility to set up Nuki FOB V1 or V2 to work as described:
1 push - lock
2 pushes - unlock
3 pushes - unlock and open the door (press the handle)
SmartLock is configured that the door has a handle.
I only can set unlock, there is no “open door” command on the list.
To open the door (pull latch) I need to configure door as with knob, but then it always pull the latch when I choose “unlock”.

I’m also interested in this topic.
I have bought two FOB but i can only Lock/Unlock the door but i can not “open” it!
At the moment the FOB is not usable for my needs.
Could be possible to implement a function like suggested above (unlock+open)?
Thanks so much

I want to request the plain open option too (‘pressing the handle’). I need this as quick action.