Nuki Fob stopped working

One out of 4 fobs keeps stopping to work. Changed battery but made no difference. Watching a video on YouTube on a similar problem I inserted a thin paper on top of the battery to improve contact. Initially it works but stops working after a while. Already my son who is using this fob wasn’t able to enter to the apartment three times.
What is warranty policy about fobs, what can I do.?

Bei mir auch!
Der Fob will nicht mehr, habe dann die Batterie öfter rein und raus geschoben und dann geht es wieder für kurze Zeit.
Ein Hardwarefehler?
Ich habe auch den Fob 1 und da ist es ähnlich.

Ein richtiger Flop :frowning:

If you got a hardware issue please contact our support so they check if it’s eligible for an exchange.

I had similar issue with one out of three and got it replaced, now the two others are having the same issue. One entirely stopped, the other only works sometimes. We actually got back to using keys and in now we have the keypad because the Fobs aren’t reliable enough. :frowning:

Try restarting the lock (remove batteries-wait 30 seconds-insert batteries), that worked for me. Nuki refused to exchange the lock.

I had the same problem after the locks in our house were replaced and I reinstalled NUKI completly.
All 3 FOBs only worked when pressed for the first time after changing the battery, the keypad worked, but no longer worked after the reset.
I was able to rule out a weak battery or connection problem through various tests.
The solution was finally quite simple: I made the wrong selection regarding the outdoor door handle when setting it up again (I chose a door blade instead of a door knob).
Since the error behavior was not clear afterwards (initially it worked once with the FOBs and with the keypad for a long time) and then suddenly not at all, it was extremely confusing.
After deleting the devices (FOB and keypad were reset and reinstalled, too) in the APP and carefully reinstalling everything now works again.
And something import: I had to allow at the individuall FOB setup to close the door even if I actuall don’t like and need it.