Nuki failing to open door


my nuki 3.0 lately fails to open the door (unlock works) due to the glue beeing affected by the high temperatures and the nuki therefore not beeing as firm as usually
so i wonder if i can compensate this with any setting?

Hi! Then you just can try if a better adhesive tape is there, or to drill holes in the holding frame, and screw it on, - I have done this, to add a second nuki to a second security lock on my door.

This topic seems to be a bit outdated but I’ve had a lot of problems with the adhesive of my Nuki2.0, which ended very bad:


The Nuki support team had to send me a new adhesive pad that worked only for some time. Then I tried double-sided adhesive tape but it couldn’t fix totally the issue that was recurrent. Maybe it’s because of high temperatures in Spain and the small area of my door.

My final effort before definitely removing the Nuki was to replace again the cylinder to a longer one (the first replacement was to put a reversable one but it was getting difficult to manipulate lately) and use the screwable mounting plate to fix the Nuki completely to the cylinder. It worked! Indeed I bought the Nuki Universal Cylinder (Nuki Universal Cylinder - The perfect cylinder for your Smart Lock) that has different pieces to get variable sizes and now the Nuki is solid as a rock.

Hope it helps to new problems with the adhesives.