Nuki driver for Control4 home automation

Hey guys just wondering if anyone has ever looked at integrating Nuki with Control4. I think just an unlock or lock option via the Control4 Intercom Anywhere would be awesome for all those with mortise type locks.

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Is there a driver for Control4 OS 3 avalaible?

Not that I’m aware of. Made a request to the support team but never got a response

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In my opinion Nuki should at least provide drivers for the leading CI home automation platforms such as Control4 and Crestron.

Still no news on a driver for Control4!
Would be great to add SDDP !

They need to develop a control4 driver. All of their competitors have one. It will leave them in the dust and I’m sure not to complicated to build.

I wrote a custom “driver” for a small software that I’m using at home using the Nuki API and http command.
I’m pretty sure you can unlock and lock the Nuki lock on Crestron and Control4 using only the http API.

Did you try?


Can you give me more details or share the code you wrote??


My code is in Ruby so it won’t be helpful.
But what you can do is:

Use this API

First you will need to retrieve a Token to access the bridge using the HTTP API.

Then you can start playing around with Postman to see how the API is working and how you can use it.

What I would to is create two action first, one to lock the door and the other one to unlock it. You will use the API for this with some HTTP GET queries.

I’m not familiar with Crestron or Control4, but I’ve read about it online, and you’ll find several ways to create HTTP queries using them.

Let me know if you need more help.

I have written a proper Control4 driver, it is now available at the BlackWire marketplace:


Hi Jack,

thank you for writing the driver!!
I just try out the new driver.
I can´t get a state in the driver ( open/close)
It would be cool to get it as in the programming area it is nessesary for some functions.
Also if it is possible it would be good also to be able to just unlock without opening the door like it is in the app of Nuki.
Im a C4 dealer in Germany and see a very good way to sell it in C4 intallations.
You can write to or

Best regards

I added this driver to Control4, it recognizes the lock well.
On the other hand the lock is not visible in the navigator of the room, therefore it is not controllable from the tablet or the iPhone.
How to fix this bug?
Thank you

You need to add a generic lock driver as well. Then it’ll show up on the app. This is the same way other lock in C4 usually work.

I added the “Door Lock” driver in the room, it is clearly visible but still not the Nuki lock.
Do I have to do another manipulation?
thank you,

Obviously you need to bind it the the Nuki Lock using the Connection tab…

Indeed, it works better.

Can we retrieve the open and closed door information?

At the moment, I can only see if the door is locked or unlocked.

thank you,

@jackstone Thanks for your effort! :heart:

Hello Jack, thanks for writing the driver! Great to have it! Could you please add the “arrived home” and “left home” states for programming? The ones that are available through IFTTT (the geofence states). Thank you!

This is awesome @jackstone well done. Any plans of developing a driver for Savant? I’m very interested

@jackstone can you include support for the Opener in the driver as well?