Nuki doesnt proper open the door


I have a Nuki 2.0 with a bridge for about a year.
I have door with a handle and a lock with 3 ‘ locking devices’

The problem I have that if I use the app, homekit, the buttons,… and I want to unlock the door, Nuki just doesnt opens it far enough, it needs this quarter turn more.
I tightens the screws, I calibrated a lot of times, but no success.

So that’s why we use the unlock and open method, which works, but then the door is also open, which is uncomfortable if unplanned!

But! I also use the auto lock at night and the auto unlock when I come home, and then the lock just unlocks perfectly…. Why why why?

Do have it set to “Knob/Bar” or “Handle” in Administration?

Can you post a video of with the door open and manually turning on the knob of the smart lock to full closed and full open and afterwards open/close via the button on the lock?

I tried both without succes.
I will make video soon to show you.

Sorry for the late answer, I made the two requested videos.

I tried a few more calibrations, without success.

Is there anything I can do, the Nuki is quit unusable at the moment?

You need to go to Menu > Manage Devices > Your Smart Lock > Manage Smart Lock > Optimize Locking > Custom and move the “unlocked” position.

If it does not work, please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support). This forum is focused on developer related issues.

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