Nuki doesn't open the door when battery goes lower than 65%

Currently my Nuki is not anymore able to unlatch the door completely because of the level of the batteries that as showed in the app is 62%.

When I change the batteries and the level gets higher then Nuki has enough power to unlatch the door.

Of course I’ve tried to calibrate the door an endless number of times.

Could you please fix this problem?

A nuki person sometimes let me know, this can prevented, with using same type of batteries, as in the nuki accu packs are, - because this type gives the same power strength out everytime until it goes down to about 15-20% accu load, and the normal batteries, giving out lesser power strength much earlier. Maybe worth a try?

Which would be the batteries present in the nuki accu pack? Could you please elaborate?

I have two accu packs, and will look, what type of accu batteries are in it, and let you know, soon!

Nuki self recommend the Panasonic eneloop pro, and is a rechargeable battery, and lithium batteries like the energizer ultimate lithium, for the best and longest use, - and the alkali batteries are the worst, and they can get to too less loaded shortly after replacing.

I think you’ll find that the eneloop pro is not a lithium battery.

I believe it is a standard NiMH accumulator and very similar to any other NiMH battery that is out there. I am using the ones from Varta and I get approx. 6 months of use before I have to recharge them.

Even in their Nuki power pack they use NiMH batteries - so no reason to go for the power pack - just spend the 15.- Euro and buy 4 standard NiMH batteries.

I never wrote that eneloop is lithium!? For NiMH, like i wrote, alkali are the worst and nuki recommends to use others then alkali, what is NiMH and lithium, so no clue what you want to say here!? I never wrote, anybody should buy a nuki-accu-pack, just using the same type of accus, or for batteries, others than alkali, and the ones nuki mentions are NiMH, so what the heck you want to say here, - the same things mentioned before!?

My apologies if I hurt your feelings.

I was merely offering my personal experience and saying that you can replace the “normal” alkali batteries with any NiMH batteries and this is equivalent to the Nuki Power Pack.

I believe this will solve the problem of the gentleman who started this thread.

No problem, no hurt feelings! You just wrote, what I already have, and your post is redundant to this, that was what I meant in general! But of course, personal experience is ok to express here, and is welcome! No offence!

Thanks gents. I have ordered right today the Panasonic ones and I intend to test them once I will get them tomorrow.


I’ve the same problem; the motor is blocked when door is locking and battery level at 80%

so i’ve installed the battery recommended by nuki the Panasonic ones. now the door gets opened instantly and it is visible how much is powerful. however we have to say that the battery level is 100% so I would not expect it differently. I will have to wait and see how it behaves when the battery reaches 70/60%

I am excited, if it holds until about 20-30%!? Let us know!


the same problem here.

In my case the alkali Varta or Duracell stay at least 3 months and its ok for me. But at the end of life the battery state in the Nuki app show me 62% but the Nuki are unable to open the door. If i measure the single battery voltage i see 1,3V, means the batteries are very empty, nevertheless the app shows 62%.

I hate rechargable batteries and expect from Nuki to adapt the software for correct use with alkali.

Im in contact with the support since spring. Changed two times the complete Nuki and send many battery infos from the app.

At the last contact, the support recommend to wait (months) until the actual batteries are empty and send again the battery report from the app.

Question to Nuki:
It is so complicated to compile a simple software part for a battery state???

At least now i know that im not alone……

Take NiMH batteries.

I will repeat my statement:
„ I hate rechargable batteries and expect from Nuki to adapt the software for correct use with alkali.“

The device is made to run with alakli batteries and because that i expect to can use this type.

There are 1000s of different Alkali batteries out there on the market which all behave differently. The Smart Lock works with all of them.

The algorithm that calculates the batteries in % is calibrated against the Duracell batteries with which the Smart Lock ships. Nevertheless even with those batteries, there are cases where “good” batteries still might not be able to fully unlock a door (e.g. stiff door, high forces required to pull the latch, cold conditions).

There are battery types available which can deal better than Alkalis with such unfavourable conditions. LSD-NiMH accumulators (e.g. Eneloop Pro) offer the best “bang for the buck” and are therefore recommended by Nuki and also used in the Nuki Power Pack.

I hope you hate also the mess for the environment what not rechargeable alkali batteries are causing!?

Hello Jürgen,

with the to replacements of my Nuki, i tried two times the Nuki with the original Nuki Batteries (Duracell). Nevertheless with 62% the Nuki was unable to open the door.

I understand that Panasonic Eneloop Pro are a good option but i think there is also the possibility to improve the software for funtionality with Alkali Batteries.
Otherwise i recommend to cancel the Alkali option from the feature list, manual, app…