Nuki default time of day for Short Rental use

Product name

smartlock /


Airbnb send the default check-in and -out time. If the customer arrives to early or leaves to late, we have to tediously change the time in


If we could set a default time in the Nuki web (or take over the AirBnb default) that allows to welcome the guest, indepently of the AirBnb pre-settings.


Customer might leave or come earlier. For people welcoming the guests, it’s not easy to have to change the time to be a bit more flexible and friendly to the guest.

Additionally: Have the allowing to start and stop the code. It could be even a safety issue, if the guest must be prevented to go inside the appartement.


Check-in is after 14h
Check-out is before 11h
Customer could arrive earlier and have to wait in front of the door.
Customer ask to leave a bit later, the door isnt working anymore.
=> the host can programm by default, that the door is ready if the guest arrives earlier or leaves later.
=> the host can fast un-/lock the guest code if needed.