Nuki Bridge

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They do not allow to tell the truth.

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unless you need to use nuki web, then the nuki pro 3.0 needs the bridge as there is a bug on the web that makes the battery of the nuki to die in about 10 days or less.

With the Nuki 3.0 Pro you don’t need the bridge, and you can access the web and have all the functions, as I mentioned in the previous post.

I can’t comment it because the admin don’t want me to say it.

I’m sorry.

i know that, but as soon as you enable the nuki web and the smart hosting, the bug shows up and you will need a bridge or your battery dies in 10 days.

In my case I use KeyPad 2 plus Fod plus door sensor and have only charged the battery once.

I looked it up on the invoice on the 9th of this month July the charge was 8 months old

I use the rechargeable battery pack that comes with the Pro version.

Maybe your unit is broken.

But my battery lasts a long time, even too long for my use.

It is also connected to HomeKit and Siri for locking and unlocking.

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Edit: if you use bridge because you don’t have the pro version, connect it to a Sai to avoid losing control and remote opening warnings if there is a power failure.

This does not happen with the pro version because of the battery.

i got 3 battery packs for my pro, it happens to all. this is a software bug. because as soon as i disable the nuki web + smart hosting, the battery lasts forever again.

If there is a power failure the pro cannot communicate either via wifi as the router would be down. the non pro also talks via BT with your phone i believe.

Well, I didn’t know that, in my unit that has never happened to me.

If you read my posts it says when I loaded it for the first time, I bought it on 9/11/2022 and I have not loaded it again, as I said I have all the accessories except the Open… because it depends on the brid… I can not say more than the admin block me for speaking xxx of Nuk… brid… and Open… they send me a red flag as in F1 :man_facepalming:t2:

Now the post is unblocked because I have deleted everything I said.

I use instead of Openxxx the Rixxx and in a month it is still at 92% and I can talk.

I also use a circuit I made for my doorman.

I show you how the battery is now at 36% I was going to charge it but it works perfectly the same speed I will charge it later.

Yes I bought it on 9/11/2022 but I don’t remember when I received it, it has not been charged for 8 months.

That’s why I say that’s very strange I haven’t seen it to anyone I know that I mounted them the same lock.

But if I have had a lot of keyxxxx problems I have to plug the names the admins block me.

Before they didn’t block you for telling the truth.

Remember to manually set the battery that you use, it doesn’t detect it well, it was fixed but it failed again, I set it manually Nuki Power Pack.

And look at that because it is a barbarity if it will last me only 10 days or even a month I would have already returned it.

I leave you a screenshot of today.

As I told you this is solved with a Sai my home when there is a power outage everything still works router wifi Nas even the tv and Appletv I still watch movies :hugs:.

But that is personal to each one, I like this a lot and I have it to my liking.

Edit: my advice is that if you use the Bridxxx connect a Sai to the router and the bribxx on the same power strip, you will be covered.

I also advise those who mount the Nukxxx is to put a door closer, it is very cheap and you avoid leaving the door open by mistake.

When I see videos of users happily showing how to open the door I even get nervous, do not understand that by mistake they would leave the door open and could not close again.

The door closer keeps the door pressed and if you open it and go with the purchase you just have to push, you can adjust the hardness depending on the model you buy you have several settings.

It is an ideal accessory for any electronic lock.

This problem has not been reported by other customers. It must be something specific to your scenario. Please DM me your e-mail address or support ticket number.

it was reported by me to your support and they mentioned that they will be working on a software fix.