Nuki Bridge v1.x doesn't work with Fritzbox v7.20 and WPA2+WPA3-Support

if i want do secure my “Wlan-Homebase” (using Fritzbox 7590), AVM recommend to use “WPA2+WPA3-Mode”.
But if this mode is enabled, PMF is mandatory (and can not be disable).

more Infos @

Problem: it looks like, the Nuki Bridge is not supporting PMF (like an old HP-printer)

…so, it is not possible to hardening my Wlan-Homebase, using Fritzbox + Nuki Bridge :wink:

Any comments, how to fix it (without replacing my Fritzbox 7590)?

PMF does work here. WPA2 only, not tested with WPA3/2 combi.

Hm - Bei mir funktioniert diese Kombination mit FB7590 7.20/7.21, Einstellung WPA2+WPA3 sowie PMF. Nie irgendwelche Probleme aufgetreten.
Hm - For me this combination works with FB7590 7.20/7.21, setting WPA2+WPA3 as well as PMF. Never had any problems.