Nuki bridge to connect to Smart Lock 4 (Pro) over Thread

Product name

Nuki bridge.


Nuki bridge to connect to the Smart Lock 4 (Pro) over Thread in addition to Bluetooth.


The bridge would connect to the Smart Lock over TCP/IP, using a Thread border router - no need for a Thread radio on the bridge (although that might make a nice feature of a future version of the bridge).


I’ve paired my Smart Lock 4 to HomeKit over Matter, using my Apple TV as border router. The response is phenomenal! I get instant notifications from HomeKit, when pressing the button or turning the dial on the smart lock. However, it takes the Nuki app several seconds up to half a minute to notice the action. I typically don’t have Bluetooth connectivity from my iPhone to the smart lock when in my house, so the Nuki app depends on the bridge to get the smart lock state. It also takes the bridge this long to perform a callback with the updated state.


No particular use case: just regular use of the Nuki app and automations triggered by the Nuki bridge callback feature.